Why Cheerios is now my favorite cereal

Some of you may have seen the hilarious commercial that was just aired not too long ago by Cheerios. If not, please watch it!

Hilarious and extremely cute all at the same time, right?

Not only that, but Cheerios is making a big statement here. How often do we see commercials with a white mom, a black dad, and an interracial child? Not often enough.

But Unfortunately, not everyone thought the commercial was as sweet and heartfelt as I did. According to an article by AdWeek, Cheerios actually had to disable the ability for viewers to comment on the video because some of the comments being made were ” ‘racial genocide,’ ‘troglodytes’ and other nonsense.”

Why, in the year 2013, is it still uncomfortable for some to see an interracial couple?

Cheerios didn’t find it to be odd, and it paid off on the web. “From May 28 (when the spot launched) to June 5, cross-web brand exposure was up 77 percent compared to the week before.”



I commend you, Cheerios. Keep up the love!

– Alisha


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