Dance in the rain

The rain has been plentiful this summer in Western North Carolina.

It seems as though the rain always has a way of ruining someone’s day. I never want to wake up when it rains. The days linger when it rains. My hair gets frizzy when it rains. And when we were children, the rain was the only thing that stood between us and the great outdoors.

Rain comes at the most inconvenient times. The moment you forget to grab your umbrella, or the one time you think you won’t need your rain jacket.

I was in the post office yesterday and as soon as I started to walk outside, here it comes. A small hurricane touched the ground.

I quickly became so frustrated and annoyed. As I was walking to my car without any coverage, it hit me: dance.

Dance? As soon as that word entered by mind I began to consider this: why do we become so frustrated by rain? God created the rain for the good of the Earth and we allow this blessing to ruin any chance of a good day. Or at lease I do.

How refreshing would it be if we simply laid down all our belongs and allowed the rain to cover every inch of our dry, tired bodies? Maybe the rain is not just for the thirsty land. Maybe it’s for us, too.

rain 5

There are so many times that I miss the small things in life. So many times I miss opportunities to let go of responsibility and expectation.

So why don’t we dance in the rain? Is it the fear of who’s watching, or fear of letting go of control for just two minutes?

I challenge you and myself to dance in the rain. Let go and let the freedom of God and his nature flood your bones.

– Alisha



  1. Its so freeing to just let go and dance in the rain, the only downside is that you’re soaked and should remove everything before dripping into the house/apartment/complex/building/office. Its still an irreplaceable feeling, a must have, a must experience feeling. Its AMAZING.

    1. I’m happy that you’ve experienced the freeness of dancing in the rain. I hope I will one day, too. Thanks for your comment.

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