Just how precious life really is

Today is a day of mourning for many family members and friends of a beautiful young woman who’s life was cut short.

Yesterday, fellow WCU alumna and communication major Shannon Christy died while kayaking the Potomac River in Virginia. Rescuers are saying that a witness saw Shannon remove her personal floatation device while hung up in a rock area of the river in an attempt to swim to shore. After that, he didn’t see her again. Rescuers eventually recovered her body.

As I write this post, I feel like there is a 400 pound weight sitting on my chest. Earlier yesterday evening, I saw a photo Shannon posted of her registration information for a kayaking competition that was happening on the Potomac River this weekend. Later that night, only hours later, I see the Facebook posts of her friends in shock and disbelief that such a beautiful soul could be taken from Earth.

Just like that. In the blink of an eye, her life was over. Shannon had a smile and a personality that could light up the darkest of rooms. Her love of kayaking and of life was contagious. There were so many times I would see her photos and wish that I could be like her.

She certainly did not die in vain and has made all of us realize just how precious life really is. No one knows when our last day on Earth will be. Hug your family today. Tell them you love them and let go of your grudges. Life is far too short.


Shannon Chrisy: December 7, 1989 – June 11, 2013.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Shannon’s family and friends. God, shield them with comfort and love as they face this tragic loss.

– Alisha


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