An authentic mess

I heard a great sermon at church this Sunday. It hit home with me so much that I couldn’t pass the opportunity to write about it.

Do you ever feel lazy in your faith? When I asked myself this question, I thought about what a slump I’ve been in this summer. No one ever tells you how mentally and emotionally disappointing post-graduation can be. Your purpose starts to feel nonexistent as you realize everything you were involved in is over.

I’ve continually asked myself, “what now?”

This feeling of purposelessness has started blurring my vision of the bigger picture. And when we lose sight of our purpose, we lose sight of the things that use to make us happy.

Our pastor, Jeff, said something that really got my attention: “we start to believe that the mess of our life is more real than God.”

While it’s true God accepts us right where we are, I don’t believe he wants us to stay there forever. He loves us way too much to let us sulk in our misery.


Jeff gave the example of catching a fish: it’s like casting your line and leaving your rod unattended and expecting a fish to magically appear. Then blaming the water for not providing you with dinner.

We will never grow or learn if we don’t move. If we don’t have faith that God will meet us where we are and then bring us out of it.


Life is an open book with endless possibility. Even when we feel like we’re stuck, we can trust that God will always bring us out of it… IF we let him.

– Alisha


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