Water and ice

I was on Facebook the other night when I came across a  friend’s photo she posted of her daughter on the first day of first grade.

The photo caption was a conversation the mom had with her daughter. This is what it said:

Daughter: “Mom, tomorrow when I get home I’m going to put ice in the fridge and water in the freezer. Then after three hours I’m going to take them out and have ice and water.”

Mom: “How is that any different than what you started with?”

Daughter: “I made them myself.”

When I read this, the first thought that popped into my head was “this is brilliant.”

Ice and Water

At what age do we stop thinking this way? When do we lose sight of our independence? When does simplicity and creativity become a chore rather than desire? When do we lose our interest in redefining how things are supposed to be? When do we stop asking questions?

Kids have an amazing way of thinking. Simple, yet honest and real.

When you live in a small town that is built on tradition and the “this is how it’s always been” attitude, it’s hard to feel like you can make much of a difference.

A lot of times I think we don’t say what we’re really thinking out of shame. Out of fear of what might happen if we rock the boat. Out of fear that questioning what has always been might result in public humiliation or exclusion.

I think that’s why the conversation attached to the mom’s photo was so inspiring. This little girl challenged the norm.

Here’s the thing about saying what we’re thinking: we need to surround ourselves with people we can trust. People who will substitute judgement for appreciation and gratitude.


I think it would do us all some good to simplify our lives and our thoughts. To think more like a kid.

My baby brother turns six tomorrow and I wonder what he thinks about getting older.

But fear…. fear just isn’t an option for him.

“Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matt. 18:4)



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