Bound by love

My mom is currently going to seminary at Gardner Webb University and she has to give a presentation on her family origin for one of her classes.

This project has created a time of sweet reflection for our family as we pick through boxes and boxes of old photographs. There has been laughter, smiles, and tears as we think about the priceless memories we’ve all experienced together.

While looking at photos of me as a child in my wide array of Halloween costumes, I stumbled upon one of my step-sister and I when we were younger.

photo (1)

I couldn’t help but smile. Not only because of my terrible haircut, but also because I was transported back to a time when our only care was who was going to play the bride in our pretend weddings and what kind of theme our next imaginary shopping store would be.

For those of you who have a sister, you understand the joy they bring to your life.

Paige and I were about as close as two little girls could be. We shared our secrets and our sorrows, our crushes and our humiliation, and we never introduced each other as a step-sister. It was always “this is my sister Paige.”

Though not bound by blood, we were and still are bound by love.

Paige transferred to the same university as me my last semester of college. It was during this time that we broke into a new level of friendship. Our relationship became one of understanding and trust as we shared pieces of our lives that only a sister could truly appreciate.


I have three other siblings who I love dearly, one of which is another sister. She is 10-years-old and has one of the biggest and brightest imaginations one could fathom. While she can’t quite connect with us on the same level, she will one day. When she begins her season of soul searching, we will be there with encouragement and words of wisdom.

If you have a sister, cherish every moment you spend together. As women, encourage one another to chase after your dreams.

I am so thankful for my family.

I am so thankful for each and every moment Paige and I have spent together, and for every moment that is coming.

Though not bound by blood, we are bound by love.

– Alisha


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