One purpose

On Saturday I went with our church youth group to a corn maze in Asheville. Each time I hang out with the youth, I’m reminded of how funny they can be. Our ride to Asheville was anything but boring as sounds of the Spice Girls filled to church van (this was a request by the ladies in the car, obviously).

The goofiness continued as we unpacked 15 students and headed into the land of corn.


The kids had many different perspectives on how the corn maze should be travelled. Some took a certain trail, some relied on their maps to lead the way, while others threw their maps in the trash and depended on their senses to help them find their way out.

I enjoyed listening to their conversations as they contemplated what to do: “we should go this way because everyone else is going that way,” or “let’s just play hide-and-go-seek!”

Each group had a different way of finding their way out of the maze, yet everyone was working to get to the same destination.


This experience reminded me of life. We’re each at different places in our walks with God and take different paths along the way, but we each have one purpose: to worship God.

I’m thankful for these little life lessons that remind me that this life is only temporary and our purpose for living can get clouded by the daily chaos we face.

It’s also a reminder that not everyone will choose the same path as us, but we’re each working toward one goal and we each have something to offer.


– Alisha


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