Wearing a mask… not just on Halloween [a guest post by Breeze Bettis]

There have been many times that I’ve had family or friends drop by my house unexpectedly and they saw it in a not-so-neat-or-clean state. One friend text me to say they were going to stop by and I had about 10 minutes to throw stuff in draws and closets, but still, my house looked in total disarray. They got to see what stress, overworking, and complete exhaustion had done to me that week by just looking at my living room. Can I get an amen on this if you can relate?


As you drive by houses on your way to work, the grocery store, or a long trip, you just see the outside. Beautiful flowers, shrubs, nice paint colors, clean cut lawns and landscape. Most people would never think the inside was in total chaos.

I recently learned of the condition some of my students were living in and it broke my heart. Just driving by, I would have never known. But an opportunity gave me access to the inside. As I was sitting at home thinking about the experience, it suddenly dawned on me that we all do this with ourselves. On the outside we look like we have it all together. We put this mask on that looks like we are strong, confident, and secure. While on the inside, we are a huge crumbling mess.

Maybe you’re the lonely girl who goes through the day at work with a smile on your face and when you go home to an empty house, you wonder what’s wrong with you. You watch your friends with husbands and kids and you question yourself, wondering if you will ever get to experience that.

Maybe you’re the women who lost a child. You know that God has a plan and so you try to quiet the doubts, anger, and hurt. Christians aren’t supposed to question God, right?

Maybe you’re dealing with some type of addiction: money, lying, insecurity, or something else.

Something no one else knows about.

Why can’t we remove our mask and share who we really are with our friends and family? Somewhere along the way we’ve been taught that perfection is what we should be striving for.

Especially Christian women.


We have a “reputation” to hold up and we should never let others see that we don’t have it together.

One of my dear friends gave me some advice that I remind myself of often: “There is a time for anger, grief, doubt, and hurt. Express it how you need to. There are no rules of how each person needs to deal with it. Just don’t stay in that stage more than you need to.”

What freedom we gain when we start sharing our struggles and realize we aren’t alone. So my friends, let’s start taking off the masks and be who God created us to be.

“She was clothed in STRENGTH AND DIGNITY. She laughs at the fear of her future.” – Proverbs 31:25



Stained Glass Masquerade by Casting Crowns

Is there anyone that fails

Is there anyone that falls

Am I the only one in church today feelin’ so small


Cause when I take a look around

Everybody seems so strong

I know they’ll soon discover

That I don’t belong


So I tuck it all away, like everything’s okay

If I make them all believe it, maybe I’ll believe it too

So with a painted grin, I play the part again

So everyone will see me the way that I see them


Are we happy plastic people

Under shiny plastic steeples

With walls around our weakness

And smiles to hide our pain

But if the invitation’s open

To every heart that has been broken

Maybe then we close the curtain

On our stained glass masquerade


Is there anyone who’s been there

Are there any hands to raise

Am I the only one who’s traded

In the altar for a stage


The performance is convincing

And we know every line by heart

Only when no one is watching

Can we really fall apart


But would it set me free

If I dared to let you see

The truth behind the person

That you imagine me to be


Would your arms be open

Or would you walk away

Would the love of Jesus

Be enough to make you stay

946402_10202407503175298_939408538_nBreeze Bettis resides in her hometown of Hayesville, NC where she teaches the second grade. Breeze is especially good at making people’s lives better. When she isn’t spending time with her family and friends, you can probably find her coaching the young girls who are part of the Junior Jackets Running Club or working on her soon-to-be blog! As a scared elementary school girl, Breeze took me under her wing as my first camp counselor at Truett Baptist Camp and kept me longing to come back year after year. Her love for God is contagious and she radiates compassion for everyone she meets.


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