30 days of Thanksgiving [day 8 – 12]

Day 8: Fridays. I always feel a great since of accomplishment and relief when Friday rolls around, don’t you?

No matter how much we love our jobs, on Friday all the deadlines and stress seem to disappear as three days of freedom take over!


Day 9: Hiking days. My sister and I went on a short hike on Saturday and it was wonderful. We talked about books, classes, future plans, and everything in between.

Nature has an amazing way of calming my soul and, lucky for me, I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


Day 10: Lazy Sundays. Ahhh… how I love sweatpants. And my bed. And HGTV. And relaxing. Sunday is my day to unwind. I go to church, usually grab lunch with friends, and then go wherever the wind blows me.

It’s shear bliss.


Day 11: Veterans. Breeze [guest blogger] posted this about Veteran’s Day on her Facebook yesterday and I couldn’t have said it better if I tried: “To all past, present, and future veterans: It doesn’t matter if you served one year or 100, fought in a war or never left a base…. A veteran is a veteran and I thank you for my freedom!”

As I was attending the Veteran’s Day ceremony on campus yesterday, I also thought about how thankful I am to work for a school that shares the same gratitude for these brave men and women.


Day 12: Surprises. I’m one of those people who never win any sort of contest. Ever.

But that changed today when I found out I won $50 in accessories from one of my favorite local boutiques!

I can’t explain how excited I was or how thankful I was for this little pick-me-up. It was just what I needed.


– Alisha

What are some things you’re thankful for?


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