Holiday Gift Guide

Having trouble picking a gift for your sister or friend? Here’s a few of my personal favorite gifts to give (and receive)!

1. Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry makes a great gift. You have endless possibility when it comes to styles and colors. I suggest using pieces that fit the person’s personality.

Below is a photo of a pair of earrings by Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry on Etsy. All of her pieces are very affordable and unique. These earrings are $16.

Personalized Jewels

2. Daring Greatly

I am loving this book! It’s incredibly inspiring and a must-read for everyone. You can pick up a copy over on Amazon.

Daring Greatly

3. Custom Prints

Pop over to Pinterest or Etsy and search ‘Custom Prints’. Thousands of links to beautiful prints will appear. Many prints are free and can be printed right from home. If you choose this route, simply print and place in a cute frame. Other prints will cost money and some will even come framed. You can spend as much or as little as your heart desires.

Below is a custom print I ordered this summer on Etsy from Inspireuart for $32. I had it put in a white frame, but you can choose from an assortment of frame colors. I absolutely love it!


4. A Subscription to Birchbox

Or any beauty box subscription for that matter. I just purchased a subscription to Birchbox and can’t wait for my first delivery! You get 4-5 assorted samples in each box. From hair products to makeup, to fragrance and skincare, Birchbox is a gift that literally keeps giving all year long. You can pay $10 per month or $110 for an entire year.


5. Concert Tickets

I got concert tickets as a gift one time and thought it was the greatest gift ever.

Here’s the thing about concert tickets: it’s hard to hide because you need to find out when the person can go (I ended up not getting to use my concert tickets and the gifter had to rush to sell them a few days before the show), and you should always buy at least two tickets. You want the person to have someone to go with, whether that’s you or a friend.

If you can pull this off, it’s a great gift!


6. Pajamas

This might just be me wanting pajamas, but ever since I started watching New Girl and witnessed Zooey Deschanel in her cute PJs, I’m dying for a pair. Pajamas are super inexpensive and a lot of fun (not to mention comfy)!

Target has a great selection of affordable pajamas. The pair I want are just $17.49.


7. Photos

I love getting photos as gifts! They could be of you and the person you are giving them to, or some of your personal photography. In my opinion, you can never have enough photos!


8. Coffee

This post just wouldn’t be complete unless I included coffee. I recently tried a new cafe in Waynesville, NC called Panacea Coffee Co. Not only did I fall in love with their coffee, but I also found out you can order it online! The kind I purchased was a dark Ethiopian roast. I didn’t see it on the website last time I checked, but I’m sure the others are just as delightful.

Let me be clear, I HIGHLY encourage you to buy your coffee local. There is a HUGE difference!


– Alisha

Do you have any holiday gift suggestions?


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