Winter Essentials

It’s cold outside! (As if you didn’t already know it, right?)

Worse than cold, it’s bone-chilling.

Waking up to zero degree weather every morning is less than desirable, but here’s a few items I’m using/wearing that make the weather a little more bearable.

Winter Essentials

1. Vests

I wear a lot of vests during the fall and winter months. Besides the wide variety of colors and styles, vests are great for layering and layering is key in the winter! I really like this vest from Old Navy. They only have pink left, but it’s on sale for $12!

2. Lotion/ Body Cream

If you’re like me, winter is prime time for dry skin. Lotion is a must! I love Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar scent. Let’s be honest, I just love Bath & Body Works.

3. Tights

There’s no more bare-legging for the next few months, ladies! I especially like tights that have color and texture. I’ve had great experience with tights from Gap. (Gap is also having a winter sale!)

4. Burt’s Bees

Just like my skin, my lips get really dry in the winter. I always have some Burt’s Bees Lip Balm on-hand.

5. Scarves 

Grabbing a scarf as I run out the door on cold winter mornings has become routine. It doesn’t really matter what kind or where it’s from. Scarves are a fun way to dress up a solid-colored jacket and give dull, dark colors a fun twist. I have two scarves from Gap that I like because they are super thick and warm.

6. Candles

Cold weather calls for a warm blanket, a couch, a movie, and a candle. I recently purchased a Wood Wick candle and I’ve been very pleased. I love the smell and it crackles as it burns which makes me feel like I’m sitting by a fire!

7. Boots

I wrote about my love for boots in the 5 reasons I love fall post a while back. The same applies here.


What are your winter essentials? 



  1. Actually, I didn’t know it’s cold where you are. It’s pretty warm for the tiem of year here. Thanks for sharing your winter essentials. I would add blankets.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Astrid! It’s been very cold here in Western North Carolina this winter. I missed work last Friday and this Monday because of snow. When I left for work yesterday morning it was a whopping 0 degrees and there was a high of 20. It’s cold today, but much better! Hopefully the worst is over. 🙂 And blankets are a fantastic idea. Thanks again!

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