High Five for Friday


Hope you had a fantastic week!

Here’s a review of mine…

high five for friday 3

1. All I can say is praise God! A friend of mine received word that her mom is cancer free after months and months of grueling treatment. This has been a difficult journey for their family, but God brought them through! I’m so happy for her. She has handled this hardship with such grace and now God is calling her to a season of thanksgiving and rest.


[Please ignore our creepy friend Jake in the background]

2. Holy cold weather! North Carolina winters are typically chilly, but hardly ever THIS cold. I’m not complaining though. The cold brought snow and the snow brought a “get out of work free [well, sort of] card” and I enjoyed a day off.

3. Life has been pretty confusing this week. The church I attend doesn’t have a service on Wednesday nights so I decided to go with my parents to their church. When I walked in I saw this on the wall. God speaks in beautiful ways and I’m hoping I will remember this verse as I make my decisions.


4. It’s been a goal of mine [for a long time] to run a 5K. I’ve had numerous failed attempts, but I think I’ve found something that’s going to help me this go around. A friend told me about the Couch to 5K training program and I started doing it this week. I’m really excited to have set workouts and an app on my phone to help me. Wish me luck!

5. Another friend of mine [wow, I’m realizing that I’m blessed with a lot] came into town on Wednesday and I had the opportunity to hang out with her for a little bit last night. It was great to see her and catch up. She’s always so great at providing an honest, outside perspective in tough situations. Her visit couldn’t have come at a better time.

Have a great weekend, peeps!


How’s your week been?



  1. Stopping by from SITS 🙂 Good luck with the couch to 5k program. It really works! A little over a year ago a good friend told me about the app and I went from running 3 blocks (totally out of breath), to running an 8k! You can do it!

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