Nail Rock

Last week I gave you guys a rundown of my January Birchbox.

If you remember, I was a little nervous to try the sequin Nail Rock polish I got.


But I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a go.


Let me be honest for a moment.

When I look at my nails, I think about kids [ages 2-5]  who come home from school with glitter all over their fingers because they used too much glue on the homemade paper ornament they made for their parents.

My first time using this product was pretty terrible. The process was messy, the glitter clumped up on my nails, and I’ve continued to find specks of glitter on and around me for the past 24 hours.

It’s a fun idea, but I don’t see myself using it again.




  1. I must say, I’m a tad bit disappointed. I kinda wonder though if you do the lotion-around-the-nail beds trick, if that would help at all… Thanks for sharing…even though it turned out to be a nailtastrophe.

    1. Maybe so. The glitter is just so awkward. I didn’t like how you have to dip your fingers in it. It got everywhere and it clumped up. It might be better if I just sprinkled the glitter? Hmm…

  2. Yes I agree it’s really not practical – that glitter gets all over and didn’t even last me 3 hours. I like the base color – mine was a bright red – so I use that alone and my nails are happier that way. Happy Hump Day Alisha! -Iva

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