February Goals

Some of you might have read my 13 Lessons I Learned in 2013 post. If so, thanks for reading. If not, check it out.

Rather than making a list of resolutions for 2014 I knew I would never keep, I decided to reflect on what I learned the previous year. I learned several important lessons that I hope I’ll continue to look back on and smile. But I don’t want to stop there.

I want this year to be a year of progress and growth.

Each month I hope to look back on the previous one, recall what I learned, and set goals for myself. I would love for each of you to join and share with me what you’re working toward each month!

So here we go, friends…

February Goals by alishalambertpr.wordpress.com1. Do something active at least 3-4 times each week. I feel 10 times, no 100 times better when I do something active. Whether that’s doing one of my 5K workouts, going on a hike, or just walking around downtown, I have more energy and sleep so much better at night. I’m working toward making this goal a lifestyle and a non-negotiable.

2. Drink more water. The same applies to this goal as it does to being active. I can tell a huge difference on days I don’t drink water and the days I do. I’m hoping this will help with some of the skin issues I’ve been having also.

3. Read more. Let’s be real, I’ve been trying to finish Daring Greatly since the summer. Rather than choosing Netflix or social media, I want to grab a book instead.

4. Be good to myself. I’ve really noticed an increase in negative self-talk lately. Thoughts like I’m an idiot, I can never remember anything, I’ll never be pretty, skinny, or smart enough have filled my head. But this month I’m yelling STOP to the negative and trying to replace those thoughts with positive ones.

5. Be all in. My church has focused on this topic a lot and it’s really stuck with me. No more excuses. I’m ready to be all in for Christ. I want Him to consume my thoughts, my time, my money, etc. It’s time for me to let go of the things that are holding me back and press forward.

There’s several more I can think of, but I also want to be realistic. I’m making these five my focus this month.


What goals are you working toward this month?



  1. Great goals, Alisha! You have inspired me to set my own goals…but just for my blog. I already have goals, scratch that, expectations that I’ve set for myself about being active and all that. But here are my bloggy goals for February:

    1. Put together a Media Kit
    2. Track my stats weekly
    3. Reach out to at least one brand for sponsorship.
    4. Build my Google+ following to reach 100. (I’m at 88).

    Thanks for the motivation!

    1. Those are awesome goals, Heather! Best of luck to you. I know you can accomplish all of those. :] Thanks for reading and participating! Happy Hump Day to YOU!

  2. These are awesome goals. You’re definitely starting with some biggies! I posted about my February goals here (http://www.beautyschooldropout.net/?p=4122) but my biggest one is working on my relationship with my husband. We’ve got a lot of stressors in our life right now, and it’s really taking a toll on us, even simple things like being polite and courteous to each other…

    1. Thanks so much for your honesty, Sarah. I really admire you and love reading your blog! Best of luck with you goals this month. I’ll be praying for you and your hubby.

  3. I definitely can agree with your goals on drinking more water and exercising that’s for sure. So my goals are as follows:

    1. Seriously need to lose the baby weight because I can’t wear my pants any longer 😦

    2. Make friends. I’m new here and don’t know anyone so I’m never leaving my cave (my house) and it’s making me super inactive: see #1

    3. Drive on the highway. I know I’m a loser who still hasn’t driven on the highway since moving from Alaska. In my defense there was only 1 lane and the speed limit was 50, people here drive über fast….

    4. Give it to God more, let him have my worries because I’m not getting anything done with them.

  4. Very reasonable and certainly attainable goals. I set a goal of losing 25 pounds and I haven’t lost one pound so I’m afraid to set any more goals!

  5. Appreciate the honesty of your February goals, Alisha. As I saw what you wrote about water, I grabbed my water cup and drank up!

    It’s wise to break your goals down by month. Sometimes we get bogged down in the sheer number of goals we set for ourselves for an entire year.

    And I’m fully with you re: being all in for Jesus. That is one of my goals this year. More of Him!

  6. These are really great goals. I am trying my best to be “all in” this year too. I have started waking up early to do a devotional, and while I hate getting up any earlier than I have to, it really puts me on a good track for the day!

    1. I can definitely agree with that- I can tell a big difference when I my days with Him! Thanks for reading. :]

  7. I’ve got similar goals to you! And one way that I’m trying to be good to myself is by getting to sleep earlier. It’s the nicest thing I can do, and it makes the rest of my goals easier to achieve. Found you via SITS!!

    1. Thanks, Gabrielle! I’ve had lots of folks suggest going to bed earlier, so I think I’ll definitely make that a priority also. Thanks for stopping by. :]

  8. Hi Alisha, it’s been interesting how many people (at least bloggers) have decided not to do the traditional resolutions. I love your goal to ‘be all in’ and I can’t wait to hear more about THAT! Thanks for sharing your goals.

  9. Hi Alisha – visiting from #SITSblogging 🙂 This is a great list of goals, I should probably try to drink more water and kick my diet soda habit!! My main February goals are to put extra money towards credit card debt, and work on blog networking more. So far so good. I should probably focus more on my physical health as well, but I find I put myself on the backburner with my busy schedule and families needs to put first.

  10. Great goals! I feel the same way when I make exercise and water a priority, good, wholesome foods too. I also set an alarm to go to bed earlier than I normally would to give me some good reading time.

  11. I loveee reading about other people’s goals! I’m on a goal-setting kick of my own lately, and silly of me but I’m already thinking…”what will I do when I finish all of this?” haha…so I love getting inspiration from others! Lots of luck to you and your goals 🙂

  12. This is a great idea! I think of these things, but I don’t ever really write them down, which I should.

    Coming over from SITS Girls–meant to comment yesterday!

  13. I agree about staying active. I started making it a priority to exercise daily last month and my mood lifted, I had more energy, and felt more positive about everything in general. It makes such a huge difference and I know I just need to keep going with it.

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