High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!

Here’s a recap of my week.

1. Remember when I said I’d share another guest post I wrote this week? Well, here you go. I wrote this post for my first camp counselor. She played a major role in my childhood years and now I get to call her a friend.

2. Do any of you observe lent? I decided to do the Purpose Driven Life study series this lent season, as well as keep my social media checking to once a day. I’m hoping for more focus on Jesus and less focus on cyber drama. What are you giving up/adding in this lent season?

3. The Carolina Chocolate Drops came to Western Carolina University (where I work) this week and I was pretty bummed when I found I wouldn’t get to see them in concert. BUT, as luck would have it, I found out they were doing a short preview of the show and an interview in the same building I work in! (Shout out to my sister for telling me about that one)


4. I finished reading Jesus Is __________. last week. Check out my review here. Then go buy it and read it.


5. I also just read a fantastic article this morning that made me have one of those “stop dead in your tracks, in your face” moments. I was telling some friends that post-graduation life for a college student is sort of like puberty all over again. Some call it a mid-mid-life crisis. Whatever you call it, it’s that awkward phase of life when we’re having to make big decisions and think on our own for the first time. Well this article is the best way for me to describe what I’m thinking and feeling. If you’re a 20-something, especially if you’ve just graduated from college, read this.


How’s your week been?



  1. What a great week! So glad that you were able to catch at least a little bit of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. I am putting (or trying) to put less emphasis on blogging and such but I still am not putting enough emphasis on God like I should.

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