A Friendship Day Treat from Treat

For those of you who’ve kept up with my blog over the past few months, you know that my friends are my world. We’ve truly been through it all together. As we approach the dreaded quarter life crisis, we’re all more confused and scared than ever. A lot has happened since we left college: engagements, weddings, new homes, new jobs, heart break, death of loved ones, annual girls’ trips, lots of tears, lots laughter and lots of changes. It’s been difficult for all of us to go through this transitional period without being five minutes apart from one another, but we’ve made it work. I’ll never be able to thank my friends enough for loving me the way they do. They’ve loved me at my worst and have always inspired me to be my very best self.


When I was first introduced to Treat, it seriously couldn’t have been better timing. Treat is an arm of Shutterfly that creates incredibly adorable, custom cards for every occasion. I’m not kidding when I say every occasion. They even have cards with some sass and sarcasm, which is right up my alley. Most of the cards are just $3.50 each, which tickles this tight-budgeted gal pink. That’s way cheaper than I’ve seen in many gift stores, Target and Wal-Mart, plus you get to customize every card to your exact specifications.

As I was searching the occasions section of the site, I saw Friendship Day under holidays. I instantly got butterflies of excitement because I had no idea Friendship Day was an actual holiday! At that moment I knew I just had to send a card to each of my lovely friends to let them know how cool I think they are.



As I was checking out, I noticed that Treat will actually mail your cards for you. For people like me who wait months before actually getting to the post office, this is a great option. I did, however, have Treat mail this set of cards to me so I could write a special note to each of the girls.

The entire process was extremely easy. The website is very user friendly, customizing your card is a lot of fun, check out was a breeze and they were delivered to my PO Box the same week. I love any company that allows their customer’s personalities to shine and Treat is certainly one of those! I’m not sure that I’ll buy cards from anywhere else after this because it just doesn’t make sense – paying more for a card hundreds of other people have? No thanks!

Friendship Day is Sunday, August 3! You still have time to celebrate with special cards for friends or gifts you think they’d love!




  1. Very cool! I am a fellow P.O. procrastinator, so I love the option of them shipping the cards… too bad I wouldn’t be able to sign them though. If it weren’t for that, I’d totally use a card shipping service for Xmas cards.

    1. That really is the only down side to that particular delivery service. I had them send this set of cards to me for that reason. Overall, though, I love this company! Thanks for reading, Sarah. 🙂

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