Manifesto Adventure // Day Three

Day Three: Cravings


“In the past week, what was something you were craving to eat (or do) even though you knew you ‘shouldn’t,’ you knew it would make you feel terrible, you ate way too much of it, or you felt guilty and like a failure after? When you consumed that food (or did that habit), what feelings or emotions did you experience? (right before and in the first 5-10 minutes – NOT after). THOSE feelings/emotions… THAT is what you’re truly craving, my dear. Crazy awesome, right?

The food/habit is just the conduit you’ve created
to be able to feel those feelings.

What you want and need is SOUL FOOD <<< which ALWAYS works with you instead of against.”

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> What 3-5 food/habits do you crave most often?

1. Pizza

2. Cookies/Chocolate

3. Ice cream

4. Pasta

5. Cereal

>>> When consuming those foods or doing those habits, what feelings or emotions do you experience (right before and in the first 5-10 minutes – NOT after)?

Comfort, excitement, happiness, relaxed, nostalgia…

>>> For each of those feelings/emotions, what is one activity, person, thing, or place that makes you feel that way?

Comfort comes from being with my mom. Excitement comes from road trips to visit friends. Happiness comes from taking a full day to just relax or getting outside. Nostalgia comes from looking through old photos.




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