Manifesto Adventure // Day Four

Day Four: Living In The Moment


Truthbomb >>> If you aren’t living in the moment, you’re living in the past or future. That’s not life, that’s a thought.”

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> How do you define living in the moment? 

Being worry free and feeling totally relaxed. Actually Feeling free and alive.

>>> What feelings do you stuff down instead of letting yourself experience? What could be a safe way to start experiencing them?

I’m stealing the MA ideas for this one because it’s exactly what I need to do: “Let my tears be my teacher. Give myself time and space to be with how I feel instead of telling myself I’m wrong. Don’t suck it up, let it out. Seek others who cheer my joy on to come alive!”

>>> What thoughts get in the way of being in the present moment?

The lies: I’ll never get out of this town, I’ll never find a job that I love AND that pays well, I’ll never be who I want to be.

The truth: Life is a process that must be taken day by day, moment by moment. Eventually, I will find a job I love in a place I love. And I’m learning who I am every single and learning how to accept that rather than trying to change it.

>>> Fun Bonus: When I was little, I lost track of time by ______.

When I was little, I lost track of time by playing outside for hours and hours.


You can see day one and two of my manifesto adventure here and day three here


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