Manifesto Adventure // Day Five

Day Five: Own It


Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> How do you want to FEEL in your day-to-day life? 

Stress-free, relaxed, happy, beautiful, fully alive, brave, successful, strong, smart, accomplished, wild, goofy, adventurous…

>>> What do you LOVE most about yourself?

My focus, my determination, my hair, my smile (thanks braces), my adventurous spirit, my love of people…

>>> What do you need in order to FEEL this way (#1) & celebrate what you love about yourself (#2)?

#1: Stop waiting for permission, take more time for myself, let go of expectations set by others and myself, accept where I am in life, surround myself with positive people…

#2:  Smile more, get more involved in the community, take more time to get ready, go on more adventures, dance more, sing more, laugh more…


See day four of my manifesto adventure here!


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