Manifesto Adventure // Day Seven

Day Seven: Play


“A woman in her play state is an unmistakable magnetic force. The more you allow yourself to play, the better it gets.”

– Tonya Leigh,

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> What were your favorite ways to play as a kid? As a teenager? 

Being outside, pretending anything and everything, slumber parties, having my makeup and hair done for school dances, going away to summer camp, watching movies, playing board games, swimming, dancing, tea parties, pitching a tent in the back yard, swinging, singing really loud…

>>> What times in your life do you feel you’ve been at your very truest you? What types of play occurred before/during/after?

Weekend getaways with my best friends, singing at the top of my lungs in the car or shower, dancing like a mad woman, deep conversations, getting mail from friends, going out for a fancy cocktail on a Monday night, dressing up…


You can check out day six here!


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