My Manifesto

I started my manifesto adventure a few weeks ago – nine days of questions that helped me discover more about who I am and what I love. I’m very excited to share this with you. Maybe even more excited that I actually have my own manifesto (wink). Before I share, here’s the definition of manifesto in case some of you were wondering.

Manifesto – a published public declaration of intensions, motives, or views.

Without further ado, my manifesto…

You were created to live freely – like there’s no tomorrow.

You are brave. You are fearless. You are strong. You are free. You are alive.

Dance more. Sing more. Love more. Hug more. Smile more.

Buy yourself flowers. Go on an adventure. Get lost in conversation. Celebrate your accomplishments – big and small. Read. Write. Play. Taste every bite. Always be proud to wear red lipstick.

Help others. Embrace being a woman. Laugh until you cry. Create. Build. Love your insecurities. Maintain focus, determination, an adventurous spirit, your smarts, and good hair.

Let go of expectations.

Accept and be who you are, not who you think you should be. Find your comfort, excitement, happiness, and relaxation in family, road trips, being outdoors, and old photos – not in things that numb or cause more pain.

Feel what you feel. Let your tears be your teacher. Don’t suck it up, let it out. Enjoy the process. Stop waiting for permission. Ask for what you need. Show gratitude always – even for the messy parts of life.

Encourage others. Be vulnerable. Be positive. Go after what you want.

You are brave. You are fearless. You are strong. You are free. You are alive.

Fully invest in each and every moment. Life is waiting… Jump in.

Live Freely Manifesto

You can download this custom print here – Live Freely Manifesto.

Thanks for going on this journey with me!



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