Hi there! My name is Alisha.

I’m a 23-year-old recent college grad, living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The past year has been full of change, life lessons, struggles, self-doubt, joy, laughter and growth.

Now, more than ever, I have a passion for helping women. The truth is, we need one another. So whether you’re struggling with your faith, questioning everything you thought you knew, going through a break up, can’t decide what to wear, need some inspiration, or just need a friend, I want this site to be that for you. Life is a journey we don’t have to travel alone.

I Am:

A local music scene lover.

A used book reader.

A journal writer.

A karaoke singer.

A coffee drinker.

A craft beer enthusiast.

A graduate of Western Carolina University.

A daughter, sister and role model.

An outdoor adventurer.

And thankful  you stopped by and took a moment to ponder reality with me.





  1. Love this intro …. from a fellow NC girl, Jesus Christ lover, and believer that us girls have to stick together! Excited to ‘get to know you’!

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