Shine a Light On Slavery Day

Today is Shine a Light on Slavery Day. Join me and millions of others who are standing up for the 27 million men, women, and children across the world who are still suffering from slavery.

Shine a light on slavery day




What’s Up With Those Hashtags?

If you follow any of my social media accounts, you might notice the following hashtags:

#rethinkchurch // #rethinkchristmas // #advent

I received a direct message on Twitter the other day from a friend asking what they meant, so I thought it would be good for me to explain.


All of the photos that include these hashtags are part of the Advent photo-a-day challenge hosted by the Rethink Church organization.

This is challenge was created to help us all slow down this holiday season.

To help us let go of the commercialism and reflect on the things and people in our lives that bring us joy.

To help us remember why we truly celebrate Christmas.

Check out this video and the rest of the Rethink Church site. Their mission is really cool!



Why Cheerios is now my favorite cereal

Some of you may have seen the hilarious commercial that was just aired not too long ago by Cheerios. If not, please watch it!

Hilarious and extremely cute all at the same time, right?

Not only that, but Cheerios is making a big statement here. How often do we see commercials with a white mom, a black dad, and an interracial child? Not often enough.