The Stockpile Series

Stockpile: Vol. 4


Who knew coasters could be so cool?

How sweet (as in ‘awww’) is this dress?

Brene Brown is my hero. Check out her TED Talk on vulnerability.

Also love this one she does, too.

And I’ma lovin’ this bag!

Heelllluuur necessity.

Me likey these.

A rumor, that if true, might make my whole life.

This video is just too cute not to share.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and that it’s a long one! I’m headed to an apple festival on Monday and going to attempt making apple butter! Take care of yourself and have a little fun while you’re at it. 


Stockpile: Vol. 3


Sorry for the lack of postage this week. Not much going on in the brain besides feeling tired and overused. I did, however, come across some goodies for you.

Don’t watch this if you hate laughing.

This one either.

Hey there, good lookin’.

DIY lavender and lime salt spray – right. on.

This big fat Greek recipe. Yum-O.

CAA-UUUTENESS. And it’s on sale.

Not too many fun things, but hopefully enough to kick your weekend off right! Have a good one, friends.

Stockpile: Vol. 2


I was introduced to this website this week and think it’s really cool. Scroll to the bottom to find out how it works!

Might be a little obsessed with this mug.

Good To Know: Coffee

Insane, sassy steals! Wowza. (Hit escape when the ad pops up)

Support Autism Speaks and shop for  a cause.

Fun and easy DIY gift idea!

Prints, on prints, on prints. In love with this woman and her creativity!

I just discovered Etsy’s shop local feature on their website. A great way to guarantee staying loyal to your hometowns.

This 13-year-old led her team to the Little League World Series after pitching a shutout.

Ran across this article, which led me to this awesome site.

All cards over on are just 99 cents using code SUMMER99. Sale ends on 8/19. You’re welcome.


What fun things did you come across this week? Any plans for the weekend? Share, share, share with me! 

Stockpile: Volume 1

Katie Daisy

I’ve accumulated lots of good stuff over my 23 years. Books, articles, songs, apps, cute things, nic-nacks, etc… But what do I do with them all? How do I remember these brief, but oh so wonderful, life changers?

Enter, Stockpile. My new Friday, save it for a rainy day kind of post. A collection of the week’s most awesome people, places and things. This and that and maybe a few hats. But I promise no more rhyming.