Manifesto Adventure // Day Six

Day Six: Adventure

So life happened again and set my manifesto adventure back a wee bit. But I intend to finish this process, so let’s pick up where we left off – shall we?


“Living to avoid fear is more dangerous to your true self than a life full of adventure and obvious risks. You may protect someone else’s desires for you or someone else’s beliefs and opinions – but you will destroy YOU.”

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> What is something you desire, but haven’t yet had the courage to truly embrace it and do it?

Apply for that job I’m “not quite qualified for,” move to another state and start over, start crafting business plans and create my own dream job, visit all 50 states, let go of my own insecurities and be exactly who I am…

>>> What is that one adventure – i.e. that uncharted territory that feels like risk and require courage, bravery, and whole-heartedness – that you know will bring you alive?

Contact employers I want to work for and introduce myself, take a job in another state, draft a business plan and have someone give me their feedback, travel, be exactly who I am…

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Manifesto Adventure // Day Five

Day Five: Own It


Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> How do you want to FEEL in your day-to-day life? 

Stress-free, relaxed, happy, beautiful, fully alive, brave, successful, strong, smart, accomplished, wild, goofy, adventurous…

>>> What do you LOVE most about yourself?

My focus, my determination, my hair, my smile (thanks braces), my adventurous spirit, my love of people…

>>> What do you need in order to FEEL this way (#1) & celebrate what you love about yourself (#2)?

#1: Stop waiting for permission, take more time for myself, let go of expectations set by others and myself, accept where I am in life, surround myself with positive people…

#2:  Smile more, get more involved in the community, take more time to get ready, go on more adventures, dance more, sing more, laugh more…


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Manifesto Adventure // Day Four

Day Four: Living In The Moment


Truthbomb >>> If you aren’t living in the moment, you’re living in the past or future. That’s not life, that’s a thought.”

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> How do you define living in the moment? 

Being worry free and feeling totally relaxed. Actually Feeling free and alive.

>>> What feelings do you stuff down instead of letting yourself experience? What could be a safe way to start experiencing them?

I’m stealing the MA ideas for this one because it’s exactly what I need to do: “Let my tears be my teacher. Give myself time and space to be with how I feel instead of telling myself I’m wrong. Don’t suck it up, let it out. Seek others who cheer my joy on to come alive!”

>>> What thoughts get in the way of being in the present moment?

The lies: I’ll never get out of this town, I’ll never find a job that I love AND that pays well, I’ll never be who I want to be.

The truth: Life is a process that must be taken day by day, moment by moment. Eventually, I will find a job I love in a place I love. And I’m learning who I am every single and learning how to accept that rather than trying to change it.

>>> Fun Bonus: When I was little, I lost track of time by ______.

When I was little, I lost track of time by playing outside for hours and hours.


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Manifesto Adventure // Day Three

Day Three: Cravings


“In the past week, what was something you were craving to eat (or do) even though you knew you ‘shouldn’t,’ you knew it would make you feel terrible, you ate way too much of it, or you felt guilty and like a failure after? When you consumed that food (or did that habit), what feelings or emotions did you experience? (right before and in the first 5-10 minutes – NOT after). THOSE feelings/emotions… THAT is what you’re truly craving, my dear. Crazy awesome, right?

The food/habit is just the conduit you’ve created
to be able to feel those feelings.

What you want and need is SOUL FOOD <<< which ALWAYS works with you instead of against.”

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> What 3-5 food/habits do you crave most often?

1. Pizza

2. Cookies/Chocolate

3. Ice cream

4. Pasta

5. Cereal

>>> When consuming those foods or doing those habits, what feelings or emotions do you experience (right before and in the first 5-10 minutes – NOT after)?

Comfort, excitement, happiness, relaxed, nostalgia…

>>> For each of those feelings/emotions, what is one activity, person, thing, or place that makes you feel that way?

Comfort comes from being with my mom. Excitement comes from road trips to visit friends. Happiness comes from taking a full day to just relax or getting outside. Nostalgia comes from looking through old photos.



Manifesto Adventure // Day One & Two

Pssst… So, I’m working on a little side project – I’m currently crafting my very own manifesto! Well, maybe that’s not a little side project, but I’m going to be discovering more about what inspires, defines and challenges me, and how to live I signed up for the Skinny Dip Society Wild.Free.Alive Manifesto Adventure and am getting a daily dose of goodness. I encourage you to join! This is sort of a personal challenge for myself that I’ll be documenting here – this site is about pondering reality after all. Have no fear, I will still be updating the blog with my normal posts! In the meantime, here is day one and two of my personal manifesto creation!

Day One: Foundation

Day One_Foundation

“Let your foundation make you successful and free – not your rules, fears, and self-doubt.”

Uncovering // Creating My Manifesto:

>>> Think back to a recent moment where you felt

Dancing in the rain like no one was watching with great friends at an Old Crow Medicine Show concert in one of my favorite cities.

>>> What directly preceded that moment?

The feeling of  longing and anticipation. The feeling of wanting to dance, but uncertainty of who was watching and/or what people would think.

>>> What happened the next morning?

I couldn’t stop talking about what an awesome concert I went to the night before! I couldn’t and won’t ever forget feeling those feelings of unstoppable freedom and wholeness.

>>> That month?

I still can’t stop thinking about what an awesome concert that was. What an awesome feeling I had. That’s a moment and a memory that can never be taken from me. It’s mine forever. I learned that ordinary, everyday tasks become so much better when we let go of our fear and fully invest in simple moments.

>>> Who were you with?

GREAT people!

>>>  What had to happen in order for that feeling and experience to come to life?

I had to let go of my fear of what people would think. I had to embrace the positive energy around me, put my stress behind me and be fully invested in the moment.

>>> What minor part(s) of your day/week make you think – “I love my life” and create big impacts?

Buying flowers, lighting a candle, going for an evening walk, great conversations, connecting with strangers, celebrating accomplishments (mine or others), sitting down and taking time to read or write, being fully invested in moments.


Day Two: Gusto


Gusto: Doing something with an abundance of enthusiasm, appreciation and being fully engaged.

Uncovering // Creating My Manifesto:

>>> What would you do differently if you had no idea that rules, restriction, social media and research ever existed? (think about what little kids do)

Read a story before bed every single night, play outside until it’s dark then catch lightening bugs, dance like crazy as soon as I hear music, hug my friends and family every single day, never look at my phone in the evening or on the weekends, make new friends everywhere I go, get overly excited about dessert, take a nap during the day, wear costume jewelry and bright lipstick every single day…

>>> Visualize your ideal daily celebration meal or event. Describe in detail what this could look like – i.e. what would I see, smell, hear, taste, touch and experience if I watched from the outside? Would you have time to yourself or would you be with others? Would there be TV, media, to-do lists, etc. around? What beauty could be brought in?