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Manifesto Adventure // Day Seven & Eight

Day Eight: Desires

f335508adc029503de96459cb8a050a5“Desire is a teacher: When we immerse ourselves in it without guilt, shame, or clinging, it can show us something special about our own minds that allows us to embrace life fully.”

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> We uncovered how you desire to FEEL in your life on Day 5. Now, what do those feelings look, sound, taste, touch, and smell like in your life? How do they play out as if you were watching yourself in a movie living your desires?

Ask for and say what I need rather than holding it in, go for a walk or grab coffee with a friend, surround myself with people who make me laugh, take time out of my day just for me, be spontaneous, say something I’ve been meaning to say for a long time, praise myself for my accomplishments – big and small, let go of my anger toward those who’ve hurt me in the past, read, meditate, go on an adventure with no set agenda…


Day Nine: Abundance


“By practicing gratitude, we are shining one of the most powerful lights on truth and debunking the scarcity lies that pop into our head. We are actively choosing joy, choosing love, choosing to live in abundance. There is enough. We are enough. We are loved. We are safe. Freedom is found in the ability to choose.”

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> When things start to go really good in your life, what is your typical course of action? More importantly, what is your DESIRED course of action?

Smile… a lot, feel warm inside, celebrate with a fancy dinner, laugh… a lot, encourage others, open up to people much easier, think positively…

>>> Fill-in-the-blank: I’m grateful for <insert what you’re grateful for> because <insert how & why it benefits your life and increases your happiness/joy/abundance>.

I’m grateful for the very confusing parts of life because I am learning more about who I am each an every day. And that’s worth the struggle.


That’s it, friends. That’s the last set of questions for this process. Now… now I craft my manifesto. In order to ensure I give myself time to really sit down and think this out, I’m giving myself until next week to post what I come up with. I’ve truly learned a lot about myself by answering all of these simple questions. I encourage you to start from the beginning and complete this process for yourself. If not to craft your very own manifesto, to simply learn more about what makes you YOU.


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Manifesto Adventure // Day Seven

Day Seven: Play


“A woman in her play state is an unmistakable magnetic force. The more you allow yourself to play, the better it gets.”

– Tonya Leigh,

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> What were your favorite ways to play as a kid? As a teenager? 

Being outside, pretending anything and everything, slumber parties, having my makeup and hair done for school dances, going away to summer camp, watching movies, playing board games, swimming, dancing, tea parties, pitching a tent in the back yard, swinging, singing really loud…

>>> What times in your life do you feel you’ve been at your very truest you? What types of play occurred before/during/after?

Weekend getaways with my best friends, singing at the top of my lungs in the car or shower, dancing like a mad woman, deep conversations, getting mail from friends, going out for a fancy cocktail on a Monday night, dressing up…


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Manifesto Adventure // Day Six

Day Six: Adventure

So life happened again and set my manifesto adventure back a wee bit. But I intend to finish this process, so let’s pick up where we left off – shall we?


“Living to avoid fear is more dangerous to your true self than a life full of adventure and obvious risks. You may protect someone else’s desires for you or someone else’s beliefs and opinions – but you will destroy YOU.”

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> What is something you desire, but haven’t yet had the courage to truly embrace it and do it?

Apply for that job I’m “not quite qualified for,” move to another state and start over, start crafting business plans and create my own dream job, visit all 50 states, let go of my own insecurities and be exactly who I am…

>>> What is that one adventure – i.e. that uncharted territory that feels like risk and require courage, bravery, and whole-heartedness – that you know will bring you alive?

Contact employers I want to work for and introduce myself, take a job in another state, draft a business plan and have someone give me their feedback, travel, be exactly who I am…

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Manifesto Adventure // Day Five

Day Five: Own It


Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> How do you want to FEEL in your day-to-day life? 

Stress-free, relaxed, happy, beautiful, fully alive, brave, successful, strong, smart, accomplished, wild, goofy, adventurous…

>>> What do you LOVE most about yourself?

My focus, my determination, my hair, my smile (thanks braces), my adventurous spirit, my love of people…

>>> What do you need in order to FEEL this way (#1) & celebrate what you love about yourself (#2)?

#1: Stop waiting for permission, take more time for myself, let go of expectations set by others and myself, accept where I am in life, surround myself with positive people…

#2:  Smile more, get more involved in the community, take more time to get ready, go on more adventures, dance more, sing more, laugh more…


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Manifesto Adventure // Day Four

Day Four: Living In The Moment


Truthbomb >>> If you aren’t living in the moment, you’re living in the past or future. That’s not life, that’s a thought.”

Uncovering // Crafting My Manifesto:

>>> How do you define living in the moment? 

Being worry free and feeling totally relaxed. Actually Feeling free and alive.

>>> What feelings do you stuff down instead of letting yourself experience? What could be a safe way to start experiencing them?

I’m stealing the MA ideas for this one because it’s exactly what I need to do: “Let my tears be my teacher. Give myself time and space to be with how I feel instead of telling myself I’m wrong. Don’t suck it up, let it out. Seek others who cheer my joy on to come alive!”

>>> What thoughts get in the way of being in the present moment?

The lies: I’ll never get out of this town, I’ll never find a job that I love AND that pays well, I’ll never be who I want to be.

The truth: Life is a process that must be taken day by day, moment by moment. Eventually, I will find a job I love in a place I love. And I’m learning who I am every single and learning how to accept that rather than trying to change it.

>>> Fun Bonus: When I was little, I lost track of time by ______.

When I was little, I lost track of time by playing outside for hours and hours.


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