Stockpile: Vol. 2


I was introduced to this website this week and think it’s really cool. Scroll to the bottom to find out how it works!

Might be a little obsessed with this mug.

Good To Know: Coffee

Insane, sassy steals! Wowza. (Hit escape when the ad pops up)

Support Autism Speaks and shop for  a cause.

Fun and easy DIY gift idea!

Prints, on prints, on prints. In love with this woman and her creativity!

I just discovered Etsy’s shop local feature on their website. A great way to guarantee staying loyal to your hometowns.

This 13-year-old led her team to the Little League World Series after pitching a shutout.

Ran across this article, which led me to this awesome site.

All cards over on are just 99 cents using code SUMMER99. Sale ends on 8/19. You’re welcome.


What fun things did you come across this week? Any plans for the weekend? Share, share, share with me! 


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