Stockpile: Volume 1

Katie Daisy

I’ve accumulated lots of good stuff over my 23 years. Books, articles, songs, apps, cute things, nic-nacks, etc… But what do I do with them all? How do I remember these brief, but oh so wonderful, life changers?

Enter, Stockpile. My new Friday, save it for a rainy day kind of post. A collection of the week’s most awesome people, places and things. This and that and maybe a few hats. But I promise no more rhyming.

I read truth. You read truth. She reads truth.

This company and their story. Eat your heart out.

Tiny, but epic. These business cards are cute on a whole other level.

Watch this and don’t forget it.

If I could fall in love with a commercial, this would be it. #sorrynotsorry

We’re all a little smart, pretty and awkward and that’s the way I like it.

It’s a miracle above all hair volumizing miracles.

How do I love this post? Let me count the ways. Oh, and this one too.

The best pregnancy announcement eva.

This is the exact reaction I have when a good song comes on.


What goodies did you come across this week?



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