30 days of Thanksgiving [day 5, 6, & 7]

1. My guest bloggers

It takes a lot to share your heart with people you may never meet, and each of these women did it. AND ROCKED IT! I’m incredibly thankful for them and the impact they’ve made on my life!

Be sure to check their posts out if you missed them!

Read Brooke’s post here. / Read Breeze’s post here. / Read Lori’s post here. / Read Sarai’s post here.


2. Coffee shops

Because coffee and conversation make a great combination!


3. My sister

I wrote a post not too long ago about how much I adore her. Today is her birthday! I couldn’t be more grateful to spend another year with her and I pray for many, many more!


– Alisha



  1. ok so I happened upon you by seeing that you won the Humanite giveaway {Congrats!} but when I saw your guest bloggers – I know three of the 4! I feel like your name is super familiar to me too but I can’t place you. But by my knowing Breeze, Sarai and Lori via Camp Truett…maybe that is where your name is familiar????

    1. Hi Deidre!

      I’m not sure where we’ve made a connection, but I also feel like we’ve met. I go to The Grove Church… any chance you’ve been there? Or maybe it was through Truett Camp. Either way, it’s a pleasure meeting you and thanks for stopping by!

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